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Python Web Developer
Artem Hotenov
Python Web Developer

Contact info

  • Remote from Russia


  • 2009 - 2014

    Specialist (engineer) of Сomputer information systems

    Northern (Arctic) Federal University

  • Python - 65%

  • CSS - 57%

  • Git - 40%

  • Javascript - 35%

  • SQL - 45%

  • Markdown - 80%

Relevant skills

Windows, Linux
Issue Trackers
JIRA, GitLab, GitHub, YouTrack, Redmine
Test Frameworks
pytest, selene, selenium
Web Frameworks
PostgreSQL, MySQL
Docker, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD
VS Code (one love)



  • English (B2)

  • Russian (native)


  • DJ-ing

  • Programming

  • Movies & Series

Artem Hotenov
Python Web Developer
Open to work
Personal Profile

A versatile IT specialist with over six years' experience in software development looking to move into a Software Engineer role. Equipped with a record of success on project management, combined with demonstrated abilities in project coordination, programming, quality assurance and project documentation.

I'm learning web development and automation tests on my own website and pet projects. I'm keen to resume my career to further my programming skills. I hope to achieve a more senior role in the future.

Skills Summary
Web Development:
• Built a personal and resume website using Django Framework, HTML, CSS and JS. The website supports two languages and has responsive layout. Its Gunicorn and PostgreSQL servers are running inside a Docker containers. Source code is available on GitHub.

Documentation and My Contributions to Open Source:
• Set up and configured the documentation website for Selene project. Added auto deploy via GitHub Actions.
• Initiated and wrote contribution to documentation guide using Markdown.
• Prepared the tutorial How to use custom profile with detailed explanation and code examples.
• Contributed to the wiki page with FAQ for 'pyenv-win' tool. Later I reviewed a PR aimed to separate README file onto several pages.
• Corrected a command in Docker documentation by accepted PR.

Unit Testing:
• Thoroughly tested my Python CLI mini-app LEP-downloader which has been working for several years without code modifications.
• Integrated CI / CD techniques on my two Python pet projects (see the section "Personal Projects" below).
Logo of Fornex

Software QA Engineer / Dev team manager


November 2019 - October 2020

• Initiated and implemented changes to enhance the efficiency of daily activities (issue workflow, scrum board, guidelines for newcomers) that increased the efficiency of communications by 20%.
• Coordinated a team of 5 software engineers to develop and maintain company website.
• Participated in the side-project, where successfully set up continuous delivery (via GitLab CI/CD) for back-end (Go) and front-end (Angular) repositories, that made a release delivery faster by 70%.
• Contributed to website source code fixing embarrassing typos and phrases on several pages.
• Tested most of the features and bugs, collaborated with the Technical Support Department asking to check some of them.

Logo of Maxilect

Software QA Test Engineer


December 2017 - March 2019

• Worked directly with the software development team and DevOps specialists for a major Forex broker, ensuring new releases of the client's website and CMS met all requirements.
• Provided manual testing activities (designed and executed test cases) in start-up project that met deadline.

Logo of Exilion Technologies Inc

Software QA Tester

Exilion Technologies Inc

June 2016 - April 2017

• Performed functional manual testing of web app (and small Windows desktop client) for risk management of several brokers (Forex mostly) accounts.
• Reported, tracked, and monitored bugs in JIRA.

Logo of IT Expert

Product Owner / Requirement Specialist

IT Expert

August 2015 - March 2016

• Performed: requirements analysis and manual testing.
• Produced: project documentation.

Logo of BTC LLC

Project Manager


May 2014 - August 2015

• Demonstrated cross-functionality, which led to my promotion to project manager within 7 months.
• Successfully managed a team of 13 IT specialist, that helped YotaDevices company to develop apps (widgets) for e-ink display on YotaPhone 2.
• Handled, prioritized and problem-solved multiple tasks connected to multiple projects (apps) at one time.
• Manually tested mobile apps (widgets) for e-ink display on YotaPhone 2.

Logo of Northern (Arctic) Federal University

Engineering technician

Northern (Arctic) Federal University

February 2013 - June 2014

• Developed a simple WPF application (for Windows PC) that gathers recognized data via COM objects of ABBYY FormReader app, which resulted in a speeding data entry from students score sheets by 65%.
• Trained over 15 staff members in using this app.
• Prepared SQL queries for various reports with data from the Education Management System (EMS) "TANDEM.University".

Personal Projects
LEP-downloader - 2019, 2022, Python CLI mini-app (script): parser and downloader of LEP episodes. Developing the third version of script (released on 3/3/22), I applied some OOP principles and covered almost all functions with absolutely isolated unit tests. Sharped my Python skills and libraries (pytest, requests, bs4, typing, etc.)

Playlist Along - 2021, Python CLI mini-app for conversion and simple processing M3U files (playlists). I created this app to make my weekly routine easier and took a deep dive into Python development workflow (complete cycle). As a result, CI (unit-tests running via pytest and nox) / CD (deployment package on PyPI). Also a documentation website and auto generated release notes. All of that are running in GitHub Actions.


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